Crail Community take ownership of Crail Community Hall 
Crail Community Partnership has successfully brought Crail Community Hall into community ownership through Asset Transfer from Fife Council with help from the Scottish Government’s Land Fund.

Crail Community Partnership
Crail Community Partnership was formed in 2018 to develop an extensive public consultation process to allow the broader Crail community to express its hopes and aspirations for the future through the Crail Charrette. A central outcome of the Charrette was a desire for the community to take ownership of several assets currently under the control of the Fife Council. The most prominent of these assets was the Community Hall. The process of Asset Transfer began in 2019, and with financial help from the Scottish Government’s Land Fund, was concluded on 26 February 2021.

The Hall will support the local community by providing a suitable and welcoming venue for the many community groups in Crail and expanding the array of activities available to Crail’s residents, both young and old. The Robertson Trust, Fife Environment Trust, Coop Community Fund and the Crail Common Good Fund have contributed to refurbishing the kitchen to a modern standard to complement and extend the array of services available in the Hall. In the short term, a particular focus for the community development of the Hall will be enhanced provision for young people through Sports and Musical activity and services for Crail’s vulnerable population, especially the elderly. Historically, the Hall has proved to be a popular venue for weddings and entertainment events, and this will continue.