Crail Charrette Vision Report

This report records the outcomes of the first Decide Crail’s Future visioning charrette which was undertaken with the community of Crail. The charrette, which was initiated by Crail Community Council and Crail Preservation Society, focused on the creation of a vision for what people want for Crail in the future and the ideas and actions that can help make it happen. The first charrette workshop was held in Crail Community Hall on the 12th of May 2018 and was facilitated by 7N Architects and Nick Wright Planning. Over 100 people attended, which was a high turnout for such an event, reflecting how involved and concerned people feel about their community. The charrette is enabling the development of a vision for Crail’s future. Clear consensus emerged that the community needs a plan to help shape and focus energy for initiatives, projects, future development and government policy – in order to tackle Crail’s challenges of fragile businesses and services, retaining families & young people, an ageing population, and shaping future development.

Five key principles should shape that plan:

• New development must enhance the centre and develop a sense of community.
• New housing proposed for Crail must include homes affordable to young people and families to encourage a diverse resident population.
• New development must encourage growth in sustainable tourism and small businesses.
• New development must actively improve community services and facilities.
• All new development must be phased and the growth of Crail must be managed, sustainable and integrated with the existing settlement.

With development pressures for expansion, now is the time to develop a sustainable plan for the community’s future based on this vision, to ensure Crail’s future well-being.

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A successful application for further funding to continue phases 2 and 3 of the charrette was successfully made to the Scottish Government. The application details can be accessed below:

Crail Making Places application