During these difficult times, the Community Council along with Crail Matters and the Crail Community Partnership will try to keep you informed, and we will try to make available information on community services to support you.

A dedicated telephone line has been established for members of the Crail community to call or text for information and to make request for volunteer assistance07376 531092. This number is also on WhatsApp.

Go to crail.info for up to date information.

A self-help programme to help people cope with isolation and anxiety can be found here https://crailmatters.com/covid19/. This is a clinically tested evidence based programme.

Many people may be self-isolating or choosing not to venture out. If you are in this situation and require supplies or groceries, please get in touch via the telephone number above, or with any of the following:
or contact Crail Partnership on facebook. People are available to help you in any way they can. Please be assured that your privacy will be at all times respected.

We are looking for young volunteers who would be willing to deliver papers, milk, etc. to those in the community who may need support. If you are able to lend a hand for a short period of time, please contact 07376531092.

The Community Council have received funding from the Settlement Trust to enable it to respond as appropriate.

Skeith Health Centre
Skeith Health Centre are asking that no one goes into the surgery. If you have an appointment scheduled, this will now take place over the phone.
– No pre bookable appointments are available until further notice.

– All appointments requests are now taken on the day only. These appointments will be telephone appointments. The clinician will decide if you need to be seen once they have spoken to you.

– Do not go to the surgery unless you have been given an appointment by the clinician.

More information can be found at https:// anstruthermedicalpractice.co.uk/news.aspx




For those with non-acute symptoms the Scottish Government has established a new COVID-19 helpline: 0800 028 2816

For all other medical issues, unrelated to COVID-19, do not call 111. Call your GP.

Shops in Crail
Please adhere to social distancing whilst browsing and only touch items that you intend to purchase. And please, can we all shop considerately, buying more than is needed can leave others without, there will be enough for everyone if we all work together.

Greens fruit and veg shop will do deliveries every Wednesday for those who can’t get out so please feel free to give them a call before lunch time for an order in the afternoon 01333 450010. They are also offering pre ordered boxes, please phone them the day before with your order and it will be made up ready for you to go and collect the next day to reduce the handling of the produce. Shop hours 9-12.

JB Penmans
Penmans the butchers offer a free delivery service in the East Neuk, St. Andrews and the surrounding areas if you are unable to get out or don’t want to leave your home. If you are suffering symptoms & self isolating and want an order, but don’t want to come in contact, we could leave your order at your door. All you need to do is simply call us (01333 450218) or give us a message on our Facebook page, pay over the phone and we will deliver to you!

The Co-op in Crail are limiting products to 1 per person. Priority service to vulnerable customers Mon-Sat 8am-9am, Sun 10am- 11am. Our local Co-op will be trading as normal and are doing everything they can to ensure that we all have access to the essential food items that we need.


Smokefired Wholefood Shop
The smokefired wholefood shop is now taking orders and will deliver to people if needed. Contact 01333 450233 or email crispinrainbow@gmail.com to discuss their order, however small.

Our local bakery shop will maintain existing trading hours, no shopping restrictions or special advice is given.

Crail Pharmacy
Trading hours will be normal, should anyone not wish to enter the shop then requests for prescriptions or any possible help with collection can be made by telephone on 01333 450402.


All other shops in Crail are closed in accordance with Government instructions.

Crail Hospital Car Service & COVID19
For over 50 years good neighbours in Crail have provided a service to help the elderly and sick get to and from their appointments at their GP surgery or hospital. At a time when this service could be needed more and more we have a problem. For a number of reasons almost all of our team of volunteer drivers are now forced to self- isolate and so are unable to drive folk to medical appointments.
It seems almost certain that, for the first time in over 50 years, the Hospital Car Service will not be able to help our neighbours.

We need YOUR help. If you are young, healthy, have a car and are willing to give up just a few hours of your time – if needed – to help the vulnerable in our community, please get in touch with me, Peter Salkeld, on 451165. We need your help so please get in touch.

Help for people who may lose their job and/or hours.
Recent Government announcements have addressed the problems of loss of work or hours as a result of COVID19. If you are in doubt about what benefits may be available to you, contact Citizens Advice and Rights Fife (CARF), Their offices are closed for face to face appointments but their website has useful information http://www.CABfife.org.uk There are also 3 helplines :
0445 1400 095 – general enquiries
0345 1400 094 – debt advice
0800 023 2581 – help to claim Universal Credit


Other information
Stagecoach have announced changes from Monday 23 March to the 95 bus timetable. A Sunday timetable with an extra morning journey added will run Monday-Saturday. The normal Sunday timetable will run on Sunday.

Scotrail have announced services will operate to a broadly normal timetable but travellers should check. The last train Edinburgh to Dundee is 1902.

Government advice can be found at http://www.nhsinform.scot/ self-help-guides/self-help-guide-coronavirus-covid-19.
Up to date and reliable general information on Coronavirus can be found at https://www.nhsinform.scot/coronavirus


All Recycling Centres remain closed indefinitely- in line with Government Advice and to stop unnecessary journeys and possible contamination and transference of COVID- 19 from those visiting and staff.

Household Bin Collection Days remain the same.

However Blue and Brown Bins are Priorities.

Please if your Bin is NOT collected on the Set Day leave it out the next day too.

Differing Drivers and Staff will be operating so please leave your bins visible ( not necessarily where you usually leave them ).

Please help any vulnerable neighbours with their Bins in and out.

From 31st March Brown Bins will go onto 4 week cycles

Double Bag ALL personal waste including tissues then later on into Blue Bins.

Black Paper & Green Cans / Plastic Bins will be emptied sometime but as above Blue & Brown Priorities.

It goes without saying that damaged Bins , requests for new uplifts and contacts to the Dept about missed Bins will not be dealt with during COVID- 19 and would take up unnecessary staff time too.

The department is under extreme pressure- some staff are off work and they ask the public for their forbearance in very difficult circumstances.