This Good Practice Guidance Document has been produced as a direct result of the recommendations arising from the review of Community Councils undertaken in 2005, and the subsequent recommendations put forward by the Scottish Government’s Community Council Working Group.


1. Introduction and background to Community Councils
2. Role of the Community Councillor
3. Role of Office Bearers

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chair
  • formal role and enabling role
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

4. Scheme Review Process
5. Election Procedures
6. Consulting with your local area
7. Campaigning on the issues
8. Representing your Community
9. Improving and Encouraging Youth Membership
10. Training and Development of Community Councillors
11. Area Forum Membership
12. Planning
13. Core Funding from Local Authorities
14. Non-financial support from Local Authorities
15. Consultations and Decision Making Processes
16. Data Protection
17. Licence Applications
18. Equality Diversity and Community Councils
19. Roles of Parliament (Scottish, UK, European)

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