Paper copies of Agendas will no longer be made available at Community Council meetings.

Next meeting 30 March 2020 7.15 pm will be held as a video conference. If you wish to attend please write to for joining instructions

Draft Agenda

30 March 2020

7.15 pm Video Conference


Apologies: JD

Action Summary:

Monoblock at High St North – Cllr BP/AP

Reduction of car parking spaces at Community Hall – Cllr BP

Rats at Dorward Place – Cllr JD

Upgrade path at Longskerries – MT

Potholes in Osborne Terrace – Cllr JD

Bouquet for Sheila Partington – JW

Flooding at Caravan site footpath – JW

Benches at top of Hen’s ladder – JW

Kirkmay Road resurfacing – Cllr LH

Bottle Bank signage – Cllr BP

Marine Scotland response – GL

Objections to request from landowner for access through Bow Butts – DJ/3 Councillors

Lighting faults at harbour and Kirkmay Road – Cllr BP

Chairman’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Secretary’s Report

Update Crail Partnership

Coronavirus response



Asset Transfer
Bow Butts Park
Pinkerton Triangle
Kilminning South (inclusive of Kilminning Nature Reserve)

Fife Councilors Reports