Paper copies of Agendas will no longer be made available for Community Council meetings.

Next meeting:

7.15pm 25 October 2021 in The Town Hall

Welcome and Apologies

Minutes of meeting held on 27th September 2021

Action Summary:

Signs – Replacement sign at West Lane – JD to chase

Village entry signs – JD to report back

Community Police advice on 1/Parking on Double Yellow lines on Shoregate and High Street end of Castle Street, 2/Primary School Parking and drivers not heeding the one way street by Primary School, 3/PC Bob cut outs for Denburn Narrows, 4/closing or partially closing road near Honeypot for Christmas tree light switching/Santa arrival (27th November)   – DJ to meet with police and report back.

Loose handrail – Roome Bay – JD to chase

Roome Bay/Castle Walk – Grass Management – JD to request a presentation from a relevant FC official.

Albany Court – broken green fence over burn – JD to chase

Roome Bay – rotten/dangerous bench – JD to request that it be removed. JD to also report back about the waiting list for donors.

Presentation from Largo Leisure – DJ to request

Parking in Crail – DG from CCP to research possible funding for a traffic/parking survey to be done for Crail

Chairman’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Update – Crail Community Partnership

Data Protection policy – SP

Common Good Application – AP

CCC Communication with Community SP, DWW and AH  

Playpark opposite Primary SchoolDW

Fife Councillors Reports