2019-2020 Work Plan

The intention behind this is to improve our local environment aiming for completion before the summer season 2020.

Task No. Work Undertaken by Price Estimate
Housekeeping 1
– Marketgate Resurface with stones Supplier + volunteers £2K
– Hens Ladder Clean, weed Volunteers £2K
– Railings Paint all railings see Schedule Crail Painting Contractors £10K
– Paths Victoria Park Resurface paths + tidy up Supplier + Volunteers £3K
Signs 2 Footpath signs + indicator signs 10 x £700 Supplier + contractor £7K
Burgh name signs 3 Replace existing 2 main road name signs to include full name + shield Contractors £2.5K
Mercat Cross 4 Restoration – initial discussions with Heritage Scotland Contractors £20K?

Schedule Project No. 1

St.Andrew’s Rd West/High St

  1. Paint 3 sets of gates at Victoria park
  2. Paint Handrails at bridge in Victoria park
  3. Revarnish 2 benches in Victoria park
  4. Paint fencing opposite school
  5. Paint gates at path leading to school from Bowling Green Place
  6. Repair/revarnish 2 benches in playpark at school
  7. Paint fence at top of Butcher’s Close
  8. Paint bollard beside East Neuk Hotel
  9. Paint bollards in St.Andrew’s Rd in front of Albany Court
  10. Paint fence around ‘weak structure’ in St.Andrew’s Rd

High St to Coastal Path

  1. Revarnish fence at hen’s ladder
  2. Paint handrail at bottom of Hen’s ladder
  3. Paint tops of 7 ladders at harbour
  4. Paint handrails at 2 sets of steps from Shoregate to Castle Walk and Castle Terrace
  5. Paint metal railings at Castle walk
  6. Paint 5 sets of handrails at steps below King’s Mill
  7. Paint or varnish wooden handrails at bridge over burn below Nethergate
  8. Paint handrail at steps to the paddling pool
  9. Paint barriers in front of Kirk Hall
  10. Paint bollard at lane beside Beehive
  11. Paint bollards in front of 44/46 High St

St.Andrew’s Rd/east

  1. Paint metal gates at path from Church to Bow Butts
  2. Paint 2 sets of gates to cemetery behind Church
  3. Paint set of gates at cemetery extension
  4. Paint barrier at path at rear of cemetery extension
  5. Paint handrails, gates and fencing at entrance to Beechwalk park
  6. Paint 2 sets of safety rails over burn at Bow Butts.


  1. Regravel all paths in Victoria Gardens
  2. Regravel all paths at Church and cemetery
  3. Regravel car park at cemetery
  4. Regravel path through Beechwalk park
  5. Re stone chip both sides of Marketgate