Next meeting

31 January 2022 at 7.15pm

This meeting will be held in the Town Hall 

Please contact for further information.

The Community Council will no longer make available at meetings paper copies of Agendas or minutes. 

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For details on Crail Community Partnership Asset transfer proposals go to Community Asset transfer

The Royal Burgh of Crail Community Council is an elected body created to ascertain, co-ordinate and express to local and public authorities the views of the Crail community. Community Councils are the most local tier of statutory representation in Scotland, they bridge the gap between local authorities and communities, and help to make public bodies aware of the opinions and needs of the communities they represent. A particular role of the Council is to encourage community participation and a sense of community spirit. To contact the Council, please write to:

The email rejecting a request for a 20 mph speed limit through Crail can be found here.

The Report from the Scottish Community Development Centre and What Works Scotland on ‘Strengthening Community Councils’ can be found here.

At the Community Council Meeting of 24 June 2019 it was agreed to reintroduce the use of the titles Provost and Bailie for office holders of the Community Council. The elected Chair of the Council will be titled Chair and Provost, the elected Deputy Chair will be Deputy Chair and Bailie, and the holder of the office of Town Crier will be Town Crier and Bailie.

Council Members
David Jerdan (Chair and Provost )
Dr John Wilson
Erica Hollis
Colin Morrison
Andrew Purves (Treasurer)
Sonja Potjewijd
Dawn Wallace
Lynsey Watson
Prof Max Taylor
Alan Hood


The Town Crier leading the parade marking the visit of The Lord Lyon and the proclamation of the granting of the Letters Patent to the Community Council, 18 May 2019